Soft Neoprene 1 Kg Dumbbells 2pc Set

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Perfect for beginners to the world of fitness. These neoprene coated weights are great for conditioning your whole body so you can sculpt your arms, shoulders, back and legs as you can perform a range of exercises with them. These dumbbells are small and easily stackable thanks to their hex shape, making them the perfect start to a home gym equipment collection. The inside is made of cast iron with a strong neoprene coat meaning you get a weight with a snug grip making your full body workout more comfortable.

Perform a combination of bicep and hammer curls with tricep extensions to work on your upper arms and lateral, side and rear raises with shoulder presses to build stronger shoulders. You can also perform a range of leg exercises by adding weight to lunges or squats to increase your strength and enhance your balance.

The anti-roll design gives you peace of mind that the dumbbell can't roll away when your workout is over, plus it can be stored away safe.

  • Main material: Steel
  • Outer material: Neoprene coated for smooth grip
  • Shape: They are hexagonally shaped so the weights don’t roll on the ground
  • Weights: 1kg x 2pc
  • Colors: Colors may vary according to available stock ( Red/Blue/Purple or Pink)
  • Pack contains: 2pc dumbbells