SMARTIVITY Chain Reaction Colliding Dominoes STEM Educational DIY Activity Kit SMRT-1037

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Smartivity Chain Reaction Colliding Dominoes is an amazing 3-in-1 construction toy, designed to blow your child's mind. It is a Rube Goldberg mechanism and covers concepts of Action-Reaction, Transfer of Motion and Momentum, Chain Reaction, Forces and Friction through play.

  • Modular Assembly Approach: Different children have different attention spans and different demands on their time. Your child can build thieir set at one go or over different sessions
  • Screen Free Play Filled Constructive Engagement: Keep your child away from mobile and TV screens with all-inclusive, self-contained, analog build-it-yourself experience.
  • Learn Through Play Design Philosophy: Children learn best when they are playing. Smartivity educational construction toys combine multiple concepts from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEM/STEAM) into a constructive, play-filled experience that your child will enjoy
  • Real, dynamic moving parts with mechanical actions: Your child constructs a dynamic single/multiplayer game or toy with moving parts and mechanical actions based on CORE STEAM FUNDAMENTALS.
  • Designed In Collaboration with Children: Each Smartivity product is designed in partnership with children through our STEM Ninja program. Every product is evaluated and approved by STEM Ninjas, our children design partners, on Construction Experience, STEAM Learning Quotient and Gameplay Quotient.
  • Constructive Mind-Body Engagement: Every child loves to play. Most children do not want to be burdened with learning. Smartivity products are designed to keep your child engaged in a constructive, focussed, physical experience that is designed to SPARK CURIOSITY, EVOKE WONDER and INSPIRE YOUR CHILD. We have made Smartivity experience immersive and fun to ensure that child understands complex real-world applications of STEM/STEAM concepts through play without even realising that she/he is learning.
  • Advantages: Every Smartivity STEM Educational Construction Activity Toy is designed to inspire your child to be an innovator, a creator and a maker of the future.
  • Skills developed: Hands-On Understanding of STEAM Concepts, Spatial Awareness, Mechanical Functionality, Analytical Reasoning, Creativity, Scientific Spirit, Connecting Theory With Practical Application
  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • What's in the box: Step-by-step instruction booklet, 249 elements including marbles, rubber bands and engineered wood components