Outdoor Classic Volleyball Net 32 ft x 3 ft

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Experience a game of volleyball the way it was meant to be played with our Sports Volleyball Net! This official tournament size volleyball net measures 32 feet long for full court outdoor games. The net itself extends 3 feet high and contains 4 square eyelets for securing with the connection ropes. A heavy-duty construction complete with tarpaulin top, side, and bottom tapes ensures that the net will stand tall and proud against all weather and rough play. Composed of durable, 6-ply polyethylene mesh material, this net is built tough! The sides are reinforced with dowels to provide additional support, so that the net always stays taught and ready for a game. 
  • Suitable For: Both outdoor and indoor volleyball courts
  • Material: Nylon Material
  • Size: 32ft x 3ft with 4 inch square mesh net 
  • Color: Black