NATARAJ Gold Eraser Tipped HB Pencils 12pc Pack

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The NATARAJ Gold Eraser Tipped HB pencils are made from high-quality wood for clean and easy sharpening. Each box pack comes with soft and smudge-free pencils with a sharpener.

Stylish Design And Grip

To enhanced writing comfort the pencils are featured with six-sided hexagonal shape wooden casing blends classic ergonomic design with a satin-smooth finish for an easy and strong grip.

Strong Sturdy Lead Cores

Pencils are the workhorses in classrooms, workshops, corporates, businesses, home and school. The tough, break-resistant graphite cores of these pencils ensure that they can take the punch, while still providing smooth and consistent lines.

Key Highlights

  • Features finish linings for executive and premium look
  • Superior bonded lead that resists breakage
  • Superior quality wood makes sharpening easy
  • Hexagonal burnished barrel for comfortable writing
  • Strong, break-resistant, bonded graphite lead for easy sharpening
  • Ideal for drawing, sketching, drafting
  • HB No.2
  • pack contains 12 pencils and 1 sharpener