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Infant To Toddler Bucket Swing With Safety Restraint

Infant To Toddler Bucket Swing With Safety Restraint

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Hitting the swings is one of those simple childhood joys that makes for treasured memories. But you don’t have to head to the park to get in on the fun. There are plenty of toddler swings you can easily hang in your own backyard or even in the playroom. All you need is a sturdy tree limb, swing set, porch or overhead beam.

This infant to toddler swing is an easy loading and comfortable swing seat for babies & tots. It helps enhance toddler's gross motor skills as they swing back and forth as mom or dad pushes them. This durable seat can be used on most swing sets and will look great in any yard!

  • Suitable ages: Infants to toddlers aged 9 months to 3 years fit snugly and securely in this easy loading comfortable swing seat
  • Safety features: A swing set with a restraint system that will keep the child secure
  • Weather resistant: Weather resistant rope and swing seat which can be wiped clean easily
  • Weight limit on swing: 18 kg
  • Assembly: Minimal adult assembly required
  • Dimensions: 9.x x 14.5 x 21 inches
  • Colours: Available in Green, red and blue
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Customer Reviews

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Jenny K.


Navjot Singh

hard plastic, nice, its pretty strong

Jennie Andrea

good swing, I havent yet attatched it, but looks good, thanks