100 Multi-Color 10 Meter Heavy Thick Pointed LED Lights With Extension Connecter

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Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these 100 multi-color 10 Meter Heavy LED Lights With Extension Connecter will add a cozy ambience to your home this Christmas. Great for hanging on the tree, they're mains powered and will bring festive cheer wherever you hang them.

  • Functions: With pre-set functions to choose from, you can have the lights on constantly, flashing, coming in waves or twinkling gently
  • Suitable for: Indoor and outdoor use
  • Waterproof: Yes, except for power plug and control unit which has to be protected
  • Full length: 10 meter
  • Cable color: Black
  • Light type: Thick Cone shape LED
  • Connecter: Yes, can connect other lights using the inbuilt extension connecter
  • Power: Mains powered