The Game of LIFE

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Make lots of exciting choices as you play your way through The Game of Life.

 A fun-filled game that’s packed with surprises, you move your car around the board from the start to retirement. As you make your way through the game, you make choices on everything from your family to your career, holidays and adventures.

 Spin the wheel and make the best decisions you can, although sometimes there are often things you can’t control!

 After everything from cancelled flights to exciting safaris and rainy days at the beach, you count how much money you have left when you reach retirement. You win if you have the most money!

 The Game of Life is ideal for 2-4 players aged 8 and up.


  •  Game board with spinner
  • 100 cards
  • 5 Spin to Win tokens
  • 4 cars
  • 24 pegs
  • 1 money pack
  • Instructions