TEFAL Air Force Flex Pro 360 100 Air Watts Cordless Vacuum Cleaner TY9474HO

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The Air Force Flex cordless vacuum cleaner takes off-road performance to a new dimension. All the advanced technology of this new vacuum cleaner lies in its ingenious and flexible design, which reaches dust up to 5 times farther under low furniture with unsurpassed performance and agility, for cleaning made effortless! Combined with high suction power reaching 100 Air Watts, experience cleaning with no constraints, to capture dust in every corner and make cleaning your home faster than ever before. The unique head—with LED lights that leave dust nowhere to hide—and integrated brushes cover every inch of your home, from floor to ceiling: parquet, tiles, carpets, under low furniture, and perfect navigation around fragile furniture.
  • GO-EVERYWHERE CLEANING LIKE NONE OTHER: Discover the Air Force 360 Flex Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, for a spotless home from floor to ceiling with total ease
  • REACH THE UNREACHABLE, CATCH THE INVISIBLE: Flex tube design reaches up to 5 times farther below low furniture to clean everywhere without bending over, with Power LED vision to reveal all dust
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Exceptional cleaning results that are 2 times more powerful, the new digital brushless motor offers a maximum suction power of 100 air watts
  • EXTREME AGILITY: Slip into any space with the ingenious flex tube design, letting you vacuum efficiently everywhere without bending over
  • IMPRESSIVE AUTONOMY: Up to 35 minutes of deep-cleaning performance when using the handheld on powerful standard position, thanks to the 21.9V Lithium-Ion battery with a 3-hour fast charge
  • CLEANING FROM FLOOR TO CEILING: Clean everywhere, from hard floor to carpets and rugs—with integrated brushes to cover even delicate areas—thanks to a unique head enhanced with LED lights
  • ULTIMATE FILTRATION: Rowenta's cyclonic filtration technology captures all dust, down to the tiniest particles, for air/dust separation that offers a pure and clean environment
  • SPECIAL ANIMAL KIT: Mini motorized brush for deep cleaning of animal hairs, an XL flexible tool to remove dust in every nook and cranny. a sofa brush, up-top tool, and a convenient charging base
  • ENHANCED SILENCE TECHNOLOGY: More enjoyable cleaning thanks to an improved level of silence when running on powerful standard position
  • SMART FEATURES: Ultimate comfort within reach to make the task easier, with bagless cleaning for greater convenience, enhanced ergonomic easy-grip handle, push & release trigger, a lightweight frame *In boost position compared to Rowenta Air Force 360 range