COSCO Aero 777 Plastic Shuttlecock

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Perfect to give you an edge over your opponent in a game of badminton, the Cosco Aero 777 shuttlecock is designed for match play. Possessing excellent sensitivity, touch and excellent flight, it gives you maximum control of your game. Made from high quality nylon, it is highly durable.

  • Nylon Skirt: The nylon skirt provides greater aerodynamic stability and predictability in flight trajectory.
  • Base of Cork: The Aero-777 shuttlecock has a base of cork that provides equal weight distribution and allows you to make accurate and impactful shots.
  • Durable Material: The plastic material used in its manufacture makes the shuttlecock durable and it provides a consistent experience for every match.
  • Flight type: Slow
  • Color: White
  • Contents: 6pc in a pack