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BIC Metallic Markers Assorted Colours Pack of 5pc

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For over 65 years, BIC has been making top-quality products sold all over the world for the best value. This mission has made this French company one of the world leaders in office supplies. Nice one, BIC.
  • Electrify your life with this pack of 5 sparkling colours: metallic gold,silver,blue,brown and green
  • The medium bullet nibs make it easy to write lines with an even thickness
  • Their textured rubber grips provide maximum comfort and controlled lines
  • The alcohol-based ink in these permanent markers is low-odour and dries quickly. Who knew ink could be so thoughtful
  • Make your work glimmer with BIC Marking Metallic permanent markers. Give your favourite objects a personalised artistic flair with this pack of 5 dazzling colours.
  • The opaque ink writes on most objects, so they're perfect for artistic pastimes, organising projects and decorating. They write on light and dark surfaces. Best for use on porous materials like paper and cardboard.
  • These BIC Marking Metallic permanent markers work overtime just for you with quick-drying ink so things stay tidy and clean. No unpleasant smell because they are low-odour.
  • The comfortable rubber grips mean accurate lines with no cramps.
  • With a seamlessly even ink flow, writing is smooth and only needs a gentle touch so there's no overflows or smudges.