Learn about pre-order products

Some products are not stocked by us, so they have to be pre-ordered and imported from another country. The following products come into this category:

  • Phone Covers/Cases
  • Playstation Games
  • Fitbit straps




How long does it take for my product to deliver?

The shipping period for these products have been mentioned individually on the description section of the products. Some products may take only 2-3 weeks to ship to your address and some products may take 4-6 weeks depending on which country it is coming from.

Are there any hidden charges involved in pre-order products?

The value of the product on-screen is the actual amount that you pay, there are no other hidden charges. The price includes all the importation charges, duties and relevant taxes which we pay. The only charge applies is the shipping charge which you have to pay during check-out depending on your location in Tanzania. You may opt for "pick-up from store" during check-out if you want to pick up the product form our store in Dar es Salaam to save on shipping charges.

How does this process work?

  1. You purchase the product
  2. We import it
  3. We pay duties/taxes and clear the product
  4. We check and verify the product for any defects
  5. Once we are satisfied with the product, we deliver it to your address immediately.

How will you receive updates on you product delivery status?

Our customer service department will be in touch with you once you purchase a pre-order product. During this waiting period, we will constantly provide you updates regarding the delivery status of the product.