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Looking for the Best Radio Controlled Cars, Trucks, Monster Truck, Buggy, Rock Crawler or anything in between? Check out our huge selection of all types of RC Cars and toy cars for kids and adults.

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Speed City Car Play Set | Toy Cars in Dar Tanzania

Speed City Car Play Set

Regular price 18,900.00 TZS
Red Remote Control Car Scale 1:18 | Rc Cars in Dar Tanzania

YUFEI Door Opening Sports RC Car Scale 1:18

Regular price 69,000.00 TZS
Metals Drift Remote Control RC Car 1:16 | RC Cars in Tanzania

METALS Alloy Drift Racing Remote Control Car 1:16 Scale

Regular price 126,000.00 TZS
Ferrari LaFerrari Drifting RC Car Scale 1:14 | Rc cars in Dar

RASTAR Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta Drifting RC Car, Scale 1:14

Regular price 299,000.00 TZS
SMARTIVITY Wheels 4 Torque Busters DIY 1117 | Build Car Sets in Dar

SMARTIVITY STEM Wheels 4 Torque Busters DIY Mega Pack Kit SMRT1117

Regular price 99,700.00 TZS
Meccano 5in1 Roadster Cabriolet | Building Toys In Dar Tanzania

MECCANO 5 in 1 Roadster Cabriolet Model Set 6040176

Regular price 113,600.00 TZS
MECCANO 5in1 Bike Car Building Set | Meccano In Dar Tanzania

MECCANO 5 in 1 St Fighter Bike & Cars Building Set 6053371

Regular price 123,800.00 TZS
Tian Buggati Remote Control Car 1:12 | Rc Cars in Dar Tanzania

TIAN DU BUGATTI Remote Control Car 1:12

Regular price 177,000.00 TZS
Sports Rc Drift Racing Car 22 Kmh | Rc Cars in Dar Tanzania

EC06 Sports Alloy Drift Racing Car 1/14 Scale, High Speed 20 Km/h

Regular price 396,700.00 TZS
Range Rover Rc Car Scale 1:14 | Rc Cars in Dar Tanzania

Cross Country Range Rover Radio Control Car Scale 1:14

Regular price 182,000.00 TZS
Build Play Set | Building Educational Toys in Dar Tanzania

Build Play Set

Regular price 52,950.00 TZS
Block Ambulance | Kids Educational Toys in Dar Tanzania

Block Ambulance

Regular price 33,450.00 TZS
Wall Climbing Anti gravity RC Car | RC Cars in Dar Tanzania

Wall Climbing RC Car with LED Lights 360 Degree Anti-gravity

Regular price 164,400.00 TZS
Die Cast Model Truck

Die Cast Model Truck

Regular price 9,900.00 TZS
Friction Racing Car | Online Shopping Toy cars in Dar Tanzania

Friction Racing Car

Regular price 9,900.00 TZS