SHARP 2-Door Fridge 325 Litre K340TN

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Sharp-Double-Door-Refrigerator-325L has an upgraded air duct and circulation system ensuring no-frost in the cooling and freezing compartments so the user does not have to manually defrost the refrigerator and food remains fresh.


  • Total no frost
  • Double door
  • Multi-air flow
  • Super freezing and super cooling function
  • Automatic ice-maker
  • Vacation mode
  • Features in Sharp-Double-Door-Refrigerator-325L

  • Multi-air flow

    Multi-air flow design , air conditioning is more uniform.


    Top of the line handle

    Spill-proof Shelves

    The wholly plastic packaging technology can effectively prevent the liquid from seeping the convenient.

    Integrated Ice Maker

    3 ice-making mode: ice block, crushed ice and ice water.

    Highly Moisture-Retention Technology

    Maximum humidity of French door refrigerator of Midea can reach to 80%, 50% higher than normal no-frost refrigerator, by the improvement of refrigeration system, the optimization of duct system and the combination with frequency conversion system.

    Automatic Ice-making

    Use Japanese water supply device with Ag+ filter block. It can automatically make pure ice cubes by just adding water.

    Mute Slide Design

    Drawer with metal guide can be pulled easily and mutely wihtout being stuck.

    Static in


    A large selection of Tropical Static Refrigerators.

    Table Top | 1 Door | Top Mounted

    Highly reliable.

    Refrigerators are used mainly in keeping the refrigeration space cold. By keeping the refrigeration space cold, the activities of micro-organisms such as Bacteria, Fungi are slowed down. When the activities of micro-organisms are slowed down, they are not able to multiply fast enough to damage cells present in our foods and drinks. Therefore, our food and drinks could be preserved over longer periods. The lower the temperatures our refrigerators are able to offer, the longer our food and drinks kept in it would be preserved. Bacteria and fungi become inactive under extremely lower temperatures.

    Refrigerators are also used for medical and scientific purposes for the same reason. For medical use, items such as blood and vaccines are stored in it for preservation, while for scientific use, experimental samples are stores in it.

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  • Management Type: Electronic
  • Total Capacity: 325 L
  • Freezer Camera Layout: Top
  • Defrosting System: NoFrost (Ventilated)

Physical Options

  • Size: 163 x 55 x 61 cm
  • Color: Gray